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New:  Breach Liability Check Up

Many companies are not entirely aware of their exposure for customer data entrusted to vendors, subcontractors, or others. The recent data breach by a T Mobile vendor is a case in point. The telecom giant will be ultimately liable for breaches of its customer data for which it was not at direct fault. While it is not possible to control all actions of all entities that may be entrusted with sensitive data, it is possible to mitigate risk by ensuring that contractual instruments clearly spell out the requirements for data security and data privacy, and that those instruments include adequate protections should a vendor breach their contractual responsibilities.

More on our Breach Liability Check Up Here

Outsource Your Government Contracting Needs

Torchwood can save you money, and count as an EDWOSB member of your team on most federal contracts.  Torchwood is an SBA recognized Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business providing outsourcing services for State and Local, Federal Contracts, and RFP Reviews.   Torchwood focuses on delivering solutions that help clients do more with less by creating strategies to outsource your government contracting needs,  from RFP review, through proposal writing, prime or subcontract negotiation, compliance and close out.  We can also modernize technology, align IT with measurable program goals, and verify information systems security and privacy.  Torchwood is also a SWaM in the Cyommonwealth of Virginia, and can offer the same teaming benefits and services as for the federal government.

Torchwood GovCon can take on and outsource your most difficult government contracting challenges.  We work either onsite or offsite, giving you a "heads up" before major remediation is needed, and when steps must be taken to ensure compliance.  We offer our services on a per project or per task  level.  

We execute projects based on our flexible, repeatable, proven models as well as ITIL and PMI-compliant project management frameworks. Torchwood promotes predictable delivery of workable and creative solutions to complex problems.

Torchwood can sign onto your team as an EDWOSB subcontractor, or directly as a vendor, according to your needs.

Who Are Our Customers?

Torchwood Government Contracting meets the ongoing outsourcing needs of Commercial and Government Contractors.  Our target clients are running fast moving, small and large businesses, that don't have time for extensive back and forth as attorneys maintain adversarial relationships. Our customers need to get business done AND mitigate risk, with the awareness that without risk, there is no business.  First you buy the seller, then you write the contract.

Government Prime Contractors should work in an alliance relationship with their customer - the Government Client.  Negotiating the prime contract should be done from the position of how both entities can win.  There is a similar symbiosis between Prime Contractors and Subcontractors.  The concept of working together is often lost in the midst of negotiations.

While the pool of government money is shrinking, more of the remainder is being set aside for minority small business owners, veteran small business owners, and women small business owners.  In 2013, the federal government once again fell short of its small business contracting goals, providing only 22.5%, or $89.9 billion to small businesses.  The federal government has failed to reach their goal for 12 years in a row. As government increases its efforts to meet these goals, more dollars will be available to set-aside businesses.  As an EDWOSB (Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business), Barry Law can provide unique Subcontracting opportunities to clients and non clients alike, as they capture federal contracts.  As a SWaM (Small Women and Minority owned business), Torchwood GovCon can provide the same types of services  in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Our clients save considerable costs by allowing Torchwood to outsource their government contracts, and outsource RFP reviews.

What Makes Torchwood GovCon Different?

Torchwood offers several things that other firms can't:

  • Technology - Torchwood Government Contracting knows technology.  Staff certifications include CISSP, CFCM, CIPT, CIPP/US, and Cybersecurity Certificates from leading Universities.  As co-founder of the first Internet applications company on the Macintosh platform, our founder is highly skilled at hardware and software procurement, commercial product or service designations, program management methodologies, contracting for SaaS services, Cybersecurity concerns, privacy and encryption, "Cloud" and other networked storage solutions, software licensing, and more. 
  • Contracts Management - Torchwood personnel have significant experience in outsourcing government contracts and RFP reviews.  They get the job done correctly, and done right.
  • Nimbleness and Flexibility - As an EDWOSB, decisions are made quickly.
  • Transactional Support - For clients that may need someone to come in and negotiate specific transactions on a full-time, part time, or temporary basis, Torchwood can staff it.

Torchwood Service Offerings

Torchwood Consulting Group offers a wide range of legal and technology oriented services including:

  • Data Breach Liability Check Ups
  • Outsourcing Government Contracts
  • Outsourcing Federal Contracts
  • Outsourcing RFP Reviews
  • Acquisition and Procurement Counseling
  • Compliance, Data Privacy, and Personally Identifiable Information Consulting
  • Cloud, SaaS and Data Warehousing
  • Government Contracts Consulting
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Privacy Policies, Terms of Service
  • Interpretation of Statutory and Compliance Requirements
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Proposal Assessment, Creation, and Statements of Work
  • Software and Hardware Testing
  • Cybersecurity Consulting and Implementation
  • Contract Administration and Management
  • General IT and Legal Support