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Outsource Government Contracts and RFP Review

Torchwood Outsources Federal contracts
Torchwood Outsources Federal Contracts
Did you know that a May 2012 study by ADP rsearch Institute found that 33 percent of U.S.-based midsized companies received an average of 6.4 fines or penalties each related to noncompliance with government regulations?  That's one-third of US midsized companies. 

Managing and administration of federal government contracts can be a daunting task for anyone.  The expense of a dedicated contracts department, or even one contracts manager, can be a non-starter for many small businesses trying to enter the government contracting field.  Today's economy, and the shrinking pie of government money certainly doesn't help matters any. 

Torchwood GovCon is a cost effective solution to administering federal contracts.  Our contract managers and specialists are dedicated, experienced, and well rounded, with concentrations in IT and defense contracting.  They can demystify change orders, equitable adjustments, out of scope requests.  They can negotiate your Prime contract from the date of award, or your subcontract as soon as the ink dries on your teaming agreement. 

Torchwood GovCon is dedicated to your success, and will manage your contracts with an eye towards giving you all of the information that you need, in a timely manner. 

As most in business are already aware, government contracts, whether federal, or state and local, include many pitfalls that are not included in most commercial contracts.  A major example of this is Termination for Convenience, which allows the government to terminate a contract at any time, for any, or no reason.  Torchwood GovCon can help your ocmpany create a request for equitable adjustment in order to recoup some of your costs in winding down your contractual obligations.

Torchwood's status as an EDWOSB and registration with the Small Business Administration as well as Virginia's SWaM program, allow you to team with a small, disadvantaged company. This could, depending on your contract parameters, allow you to meet some of your Small Business Subcontracting Plan requirements.

Please download our free fillable PDF form on questions you should ask internally that will help any outsource company determine how to provide you with the best services.