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Outsource Government Contracts and RFP Review

Outsource Government Contracts

What is Contract Outsourcing?

Torchwood's main focus is on helping our customers through the procurement process by outsourcing government contracts and RFP reviews.  We can take over the entire process, or parts of it, such as ongoing contract administration, proposal writing, or subcontract negotiation.  We can consult with your company to help you determine the best contracting vehicles for providing your services in the most effective and efficient manner.  If you qualify for small business set asides or other specialized classifications, we can help you through the process.  We can search for RFPs, RFQs, 8(a) set asides, etc.  We can analyze procurement solicitations for risks vs. benefits, and counsel you on whether the opportunity makes a good fit for your company.  We can manage the entire proposal, help you find subcontractors and SMEs,  help you write and submit the proposal, doing any or all of the necessary pieces for you.  We can analyze any resulting contracts, negotiate the terms and conditions, and manage the contract.  We can process change orders, analyze terminations, and help you prepare your equitable adjustment proposals.  Outsource your government contracts.  Any or all parts of the process can be outsourced to Torchwood.

Outsource Government Contracts

The people of Torchwood Government Contracting know that it takes many different and diverse talents to provide top notch services to the federal, or state and local governments.  Outsourcing your contract management and administration frees you to do business without the concerns associated with a fully staffed contracts department.  With budgets under unrelenting scrutiny, Torchwood saves the expense of salaries, benefits, equipment, office space and employee downtime costs.  We can operate as members of your team to fully incorporate your contracts and proposal needs, or we can provide a la carte services when and where you need them. 

Torchwood - Outsourced Government Contracts

Example Services. 

  • RFP Review and Risk Analysis
  • Drafting Q&A
  • Proposal Management
  • Proposal Review and Risk Analysis
  • Contract Negotiation and Drafting
  • Contract Review and Risk Analysis
  • Contract Summarization and Points of Concern
  • Contract Change Analysis and Equitable Adjustments
  • Due Diligence of Contracts and Intellectual Property
  • Internal Audits
  • Pre-Audit Support
  • Change Management Processes and Procedures

Torchwood - Outsource Government Contracts

 Legal Services. Through Barry Law Firm, our affiliated company, Torchwood offers customized legal services to our clients, whether the need is for assistance with complex transactions, specialized negotiation, or verification of simple contracting. Torchwood begins with analysis of the business purpose and desired outcome, determines the best method to create that outcome, and maintains client contact throughout the process.

For a fast, no obligation assessment, contact us today.  Or download our free checklist of things to ask yourself internally prior to outsourcing your government contracts.