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RFP Review by Torchwood GovCon
Does your Business Development team understand the risks of the RFP you're thinking of bidding on?  Before you commit thousands if not hundreds of thousands in time and effort to create a proposal for a project that may not be in your best interests, get Torchwood GovCon's help.  We can provide cost effective outsourcing RFP review and analysis that carefully examines risk factors from indemnities, security, data ownership, patentability, payment terms, teaming necessities, and other cost factors so that you can make a cost vs. benefits business decision.

But we don't stop there!  Once we've completed the RFP review, Torchwood GovCon will help you to mitigate the risks so that the proposal you create takes them into consideration and protects you from the outset of your project.  Remember that your proposal is a contract, and failing to spell out the terms and conditions of the way you're planning on fulfilling the government customer's requirements could lead to material breach before you even begin the work. Outsourcing your RFP reviews increase compliance and are cost effective.

Included in your  RFP review, Torchwood GovCon will also give you the "heads up" on compliance and regulatory hurdles you might face, flow downs to negotiate, and craft assumptions and/or exceptions to protect you in the face of ever-changing government regulations.  Torchwood GovCon will clue you in on additional costs you may be facing when it comes to ADA compliance, HIPAA Business Associate compliance, NIST cybersecurity guidelines and more. 

Even if you have a full time proposal management department, Torchwood GovCon can provide that second set of eyes in your RFP review that can make the difference between successful and not so successful job completion. 

If you don't have in house proposal management, Torchwood GovCon can help you fill that gap, doing as much or as little of the actual proposal as needed.  Once the RFP review is completed, we can review the finished copy to help you avoid making warranties where you don't intend to. 

Contact us now for a no-obligation proposal on how RFP review can contribute to your success.